spring fever

We know that officially spring doesn’t begin until the third week of March, but it looks like we’re coming down with a nasty case of spring fever. With gorgeous sunshine and rising temperature these past few weeks, we’re kicking off the thick wool socks and winter boots. We’d noticed many of you are following suit – donning khaki shorts and sandals during your visits these past few days. So let’s shout out to spring and start off February with specials! We know you love them.

Our beloved shellac is still a cool $13 (Add $4 to include a polish change if you need one). To celebrate the week with your sweetheart, we’re adding red rose petals and English lavender to our salt scrubs and foot baths. All for $23. You really won’t find a better pedicure elsewhere (We also have the Deluxe and Detox pedis as well. Ask us for details when you stop in).

Rose Petal Pedicure  $26  $23
Manicure  $18  $15
Shellac & Manicure  $34  $25
Shellac  $20  $13
Eyelash Extensions  $122  $73
Hair Extensions  $62  $45