things we love


You may have already guessed. We love vintage. But we also love modern. We like things to be comfortable and functional. Things that are well-designed and carefully thought out. Things that are hand-crafted and time-honored. We drool over clean lines and enjoy beautiful minimalism.

These are some of the things we love and we take great effort to put some of these things into the salon to make sure your visits are comfortable and enjoyable. Because we’re fairly new, there will be things that will need to be moved around still, things that need to be added or taken away. And we’re not just talking interior or furniture. We’re working hard to add the needed staff and quality service that you would expect from us.

If there’re some things you would like us to improve upon, feel free to let us know. Below are some of the things we’re currently working on.

(1) Earlier opening hours. At least once or twice a week opening as early as 9 am.  Call us to book appointments beyond our opening hours.
(2) A hand-dryer in the restroom. Cleaner, drier hands. Less paper waste. Currently, we’re trying out hand towels.
(3) Ability to schedule your appointments online using your mobile devices.
(4) Less of a wait time. We can’t promise but we’re making progress.
(5) A detailed price list. We’re working diligently on this. Almost done.
(6) Great specials? Absolutely. We’ll run specials seasonally. Check back soon to see our autumn and holiday specials.
(7) Uniforms for our staff. We haven’t figured it out yet but they’ll look great. Completed.
(8) Telephone. We’re still having phone issues and is working to resolve this. Resolved.
(9) A clean salon. It’s pretty clean now but we promise to keep it that way.